At our core we are machine learning algorithm enthusiast. We relentlessly strive to design the best possible algorithm because data matures like wine and algorithms like fish. Graphnile might not be what you expect but it is what you need. We will tell you how to turn your data into information, information into insights and insights into better decisions. We specialize in economics research, risk modelling, political risk analysis, electoral analytics and cyber security. We leverage data and take an interdisciplinary approach to providing the solutions. We apply the concepts of engineering, physics, statistics, econometrics and computer science to data analysis to deliver the optimal solution.

Our Philosophy:

We trust in Empiricism. Empiricism in philosophy of science emphasizes evidences.

The Verda Group of Hotels

The Verda Group of Hotels is a new age hotel management company providing hospitality services in north Goa, south Goa and Karnataka.

All our hotels are equipped with modern amenities and you’ll find epitome of great services with our helpful staff and supportive management.

We are available 24/7 at your service, to make your stay a great holiday for you. In Goa, we’re at Baga, Porvorim, Morjim, Candolim and Carmona whereas in Karnataka, our presence could be found at Hubli-Dharwad, Mangalore and Bangalore.

Allow us serve you and make your holidays an experience of lifetime.


About us: Minkspay started its journey in 2017 as a mobile/DTH recharge and Utility bills payment platform for retail stores based in the golden state of Goa. After successfully expanding the product offerings to financially enable over 5k retailers based in Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, Minkspay has now evolved into a one-stop-shop for transforming small retail stores into digital outlets through seamless payment acceptance powered by UPI QR code, multiple value-added financial and micro banking services, and a progressive loyalty program for retailers to earn money with every transaction.

Our Mission: Minkspay aims to facilitate millions of offline retailers and small businesses in India’s tier II and tier III cities by empowering them with the technology, business acumen, and cutting-edge digital solutions to help them provide a superior transaction experience to their customers while at the same time mastering all financial aspects of their business.

Pick My Cart

About us: We are here to listen from you deliver excellence at any.

Our Central goal is giving our customers prevalent dry cleaning, laundry and alteration services by employees who are knowledgeable, provoke and friendly.

The PICKMYCART services has been dedicated to providing the best customer service and garment care. Same day cleaning is available for faster service. Whether we clean your designer dresses, blouses, suits, casual wear and shirts and or you require specialty services like wedding gown preservation, leather and suede cleaning and designer purse cleaning, 5 star table and bed linen service, we handle them all with the most extreme care

Car Chalak

About us:

Car Chalak is a startup brings you the solution of Hourly Paid Drivers for your car. Based on an extensive study and understanding of the services that any city is looking for, We provide you skilled, well behaved and professional drivers into the right work setting and is a hallmark of our presence. Well trained and experienced car drivers are available for national approach. Our goal is to give you the best services at your door step. Our proprietary solutions and understanding of the marketplace keeps us in tune with challenges you will likely meet today and the opportunities you are striving for tomorrow.

Now you can not only hire auto rickshaws and taxis but also can hire a driver for your own car at your own comfort. If you had ever felt that owning a car or a second car is far easier than driving it, then this is the service is for you. Stop cursing City’s pot- holed roads, irksome auto drivers and nose-diving two-wheelers, and endless traffic.

Planning for a vacation or going for official meeting, Stop restless driving that suck your energy and attention. Instead, just go to the Car Chalak app.


About us: To Connect and Promote Incubation

We at Incubig, believe that Patents should be used to promote Innovation and not to hamper Innovation. Startups and early Innovators must utilize the knowledge stored in Patents to refine their Product and explore new areas for Innovation. Technology insights from Patents will act as Catalyst to “Expand and Increase Innovation”.

At Incubig, we are solving the biggest threat to Innovation. Patent Infringement!

Startups being an easy target, with more than $3M cost of defending the patent lawsuit. These lawsuits are lethal for both Startups and Investors.

Startups, with complete focus on their Product, forget to check their Infringement score, how Secure is their Product Technology, Technology Research Period and Maturity, Patents relevant to their Technology, Top Players Patent Activity, Competitors Patent Strategy and other Industry Applications of their Product. Further, there is a significant impact of Patent Litigation on Investors as well, who may end up burning millions of dollars in Patent Litigation. Analyzing the IP Strength of a Startup/Idea may help in avoiding such a situation.