Mainstream Program (For Idea to POC)

Who should attend: Startups at an idea stage or very early stage
Outcome: De-mystifying the concept of startups, Introduction of some basic tools to ensure correct path towards your venture.
Duration : 4 – 6 hours – 1 day.

Mainspring is a one day workshop (typically 4-6 hours) focusing on the introduction to startups and clarifying the misconceptions around it. This workshop has an approach of brainstorming, using tools to derive at the best possible approach to tap the potential customer.

In this workshop we will discuss about lean startup methodology, stakeholder mapping, customer segmentation, customer survey and hypothesis testing.

Instigate Program (For Growth Stage Startups)

Who should attend: Startup at a post idea-validation stage, prototype/MVP stage

Outcome: Working prototype/ MVP for market testing and acquiring early customers.

Duration: 6 Weeks.

Instigate is a 6 week program focused on building a working prototype or an MVP. The program is a mix of group sessions, workshops and on-on-one mentoring sessions. The program will walk through the practical aspects of lean model canvas ( LMC ), Value proposition, Unit economics, competition analysis and basics of go-to-market.

The workshop will focus on a rapid prototyping technique to get real market and customer insights which will be the key inputs for building the final product.

Head Away Program (For Growth Stage Startups)

Who should attend: Startups at a post revenue stage looking for scaling up and early stage investments.

Duration: 10 Weeks