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10 Reasons your startup will definitely fail! by Mr Apoorv Sharma

There are multiple reasons for a startup to fail, however, a startup founder will definitely fail if one or more of the below is true.

1 – You think someone will steal your idea and restrain yourself from sharing it!

The best and only way to safeguard your idea is not to do anything about it and keet it safe with you only.

2 – You are waiting for the product on becoming perfect before launch!

Product development is a never-ending process try to think of one hit product that has stopped updating and adding features.

3 – Your idea worth billions and your initial customer is everyone!

Ideas worth nothing execution does. Try to figure out early adopters of your product after that widen your customer base.

4 – You think an investment is you right as entrepreneur and #investors are fools!

Investment is a by-product not the raw material. Investors (majority) are smart people those have earned money and have already proved themselves.

5 – You focus more on Govt. schemes and funds than customers!

Government is not responsible for your business and is not bounded to match the pace of your startup. Onw you business!

6 – You are too good to take support, guidance or mentoring!

Its always good to have relevant people and subject matter experts by your side. Building a sucessful startup is easier if you are a part of the community!

7 – You know everything about what is wrong with every successful entrepreneur!

The easiest thing to do is tell what someone else is doing wrong. Anyone can screw up anything someone else doing with their openion!

8 – You attend all the startup events without agendas!

Startup events are for startups and the community make sure you study well about the event and make some pointers on how you can leverage it before going.

9 – You think research is a waste of time and you will learn everything on the go!

Research and surveys are one of the most effective ways to lower down risks.There is a high probability that someone across the globe might have already done what you are tying to do.

Learn from their mistakes.

10 – You are bad in cash management/finance and you have not done anything about it!

Whatever you are trying to build its ultimately a business! and has evrything related to finance and money. If you can’t understand finance make sure to have someone in your team who does.

Bonus Point

You have an “I am the Boss” mentality!

The early investors in your dearm is your initial team. Make sure you give them a good culture to stay with you and innovate for your startup.

— Is there anything else to add to this list? —


— Anything I have mentioned wrong?—

How do I know this??

– I have done some of the above myself in the past! (yeah I know it now)

– I have a good network of some really smart people and I love to sit on the learning chair whenever I get an opportunity from them!

– I have definitely worked with if not more at least 500 startups from multiple industries at almost all the stages (Not beyond pre-series B)!

– Have seen startups growing, sustaining, and shutting down!

– I have literally gone through and evaluated 1000’s of B-plans!

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Startup Tips from Mahatma Gandhi !!

I have been in multiple conversation, discussions and arguments almost all my life for being a die-hard supporter of Mahatma Gandhi and his contribution towards independence of India.

While I am personally not a very politically oriented person, however the vision, courage and execution strategy Gandhi Ji took to ignite the independence movement always leave me dumbstruck!! While it seems very obvious today like most of the technology we use daily but coming up with a non-violence (ahinsa ) and non-cooperation movement in a troubled country under slavery for centuries was an amazingly futuristic vision.

So below are some quotes from him that still holds true for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups at all stages :

–         “Man must never suppress his inner voice even if he stands alone “


If you truly believe that you have a startup idea that is solving a real untapped problem and can make life of the user/customer simpler do pursue it. Most of the entrepreneurs face resistance from the situations and social circles, it all starts fading when you start working on it and truly believe in what you are doing.

–         “Intuition is lame if it is not supported by reasons “


 Do you want to feel right or be right ! you can reach similar conclusions sitting and researching for a week and going without proper knowledge in the market and trying the only difference is the later is much more costly, risky and painful if your intuition is not correct.

Time spent is market, consumer and competitive research is a time well spent towards the success of your venture. If you have proper reasons for your actions you can move ahead much more strategically rather than trying out things that consume resources.

–         “To think good thoughts is one thing; to act upon them is another “


Ideas are great only if the execution is correct!! Execution defines the fate of a startup, there are number of heavily funded and resource rich startups which have failed due to poor execution. Take help and guidance from the startup eco-system, fellow entrepreneurs and most importantly have a mentor. On ground execution is very different from on paper plans.

–         “He, who is afraid of people’s censure will never be able to do anything”

 Be Shameless!

 Disagree, bargain, question, experiment till you are at a verge of getting kicked or punched !! At an early stage you will always find yourself short of resources every penny saved and every minute saved adds to the success of your venture. Don’t compromise but get everything fastest and cheapest possible.

–         It’s not the whistle that moves the train, but the power which is harnessed in the steam


Product is what adds value to a startup not valuation!  Funding , media, events etc are by products of a good product and service. A good product backed by all these results in exponential growth, a bad product eventually fades in the market regardless of the external fancy support.

–         “Faith is that which remains unshaken even in the face of adversity”


It is not important to be correct the first or fifth time for that matter, if things are making sense! Statup by definition is a calculated experiment learning and implementing those experiences is a continuous process. Everything could be changed accept the market. Its better to make a usable product than the prefer product.

–         “He who finds faults with other cannot see his own “

 Team Management!

An organisation is just a bunch of people working towards a common goal ! Internal disputes is the most dangerous poison for a startup. If situation gets to a heated argument among the team skip the discussion till the next meal/ long break and focus on solving it rather than pointing it to the team members.

 –           “No body progress without opposition”


 Competition is not bad on the contrary it is good to have healthy competition, it provides room for improvement and growth. However underestimating competition no matter how small is one of the biggest mistakes one can do. History is full of examples of giants taken down by small ignored competitors.

 –         “ Deeds, like seed, take their own time to fructify”


 There is nothing like overnight success! Only we can’t see the efforts because startups are generally not covered by media unless successful. Make small achievable goals for your team and cherish small success they add up to a big hit.

–         “ When we know everything has two sides let us look at the bright side”


 Failure is also a part of being successful ! It is a known fact the majority of the startups fail due to multiple reasons and quite a few time a venture fails even after doing everything right. Just learn for the experience feel proud on yourself for the courage you have show to start and execute something from scratch and move on to the next excitement.

At last I would like to acknowledge the fact that I agree that Mahatma Gandhi was not perfect or right in all his endeavours but it is a part of being human. Everyone has his/her own sets of imperfections which are equally important to define us, as qualities are. Have your own set of imperfection and do not try to replicate them from successful people.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Happy Gandhi Jayanti !!

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